Sustainable and transparent production.

This section is entirely dedicated to the presentation of the production chain of our brand, a reality that attaches fundamental importance not only to traced and certified production, to environmental and social sustainability but also to the enhancement of the short supply chain.

At a time when more and more consumers are looking for quality products that respect the environment and the community: we are committed in offering solutions that meet these needs.

Our traced and certified production represents our desire to guarantee our customers maximum transparency regarding the origin of our products. Each step along the supply chain is carefully monitored and documented, allowing us to trace the path that each product takes from its birth to its arrival in your hands. This allows us to guarantee the quality and authenticity of our items.

Furthermore, we firmly believe in the importance of a short supply chain. We work closely with local producers, minimizing the transport of our products and thus helping to limit CO2 emissions. The short supply chain also allows us to support the local economy, creating job opportunities and maintaining a close relationship with our suppliers.

Environmental sustainability is at the heart of our values. We adopt eco-friendly production practices, using recyclable materials and minimizing waste. We are also committed to offsetting our carbon emissions through projects dedicated to protecting the environment.

But we don't just limit ourselves to environmental sustainability: we also believe in social sustainability. We collaborate with companies that promote the well-being of the people involved in the production chain.

Our brand is therefore a symbol of trust for consumers who want to make informed choices and who, like us, fight against the fast fashion industry.

We are proud to offer traceable, certified products from a short supply chain, and to work tirelessly to achieve environmental and social sustainability. Join us on our journey to a better future.


Our supplier: Tessiltoschi.

Tessiltoschi has shown great sensitivity for the environment over time, a consequence of a long tradition of health which has always characterized the company policy.
The desire to live in a healthy workplace and to contribute to the construction of a future more in harmony with nature has led to some significant choices, often penalizing economically: purchase of systems with safety characteristics greater than the limits imposed by current regulations and safe for the physical health of the workers who work there.
By way of example, in coupling processes any type of chemical solvent is banned in principle; only water-based products are used and, recently, a very modern coupling plant was built which does not produce fumes or toxic residues.
Elimination of asbestos from roofs, before the advent of legislation that facilitated its disposal. Massive investments to produce clean energy, with the installation of large photovoltaic systems.
To date, the total savings achieved in terms of greenhouse gas reduction has been 1,700 tons of CO2 and we have an average saving of 400 tons of CO2 annually.


Our production: Coal Pet Products.

Carbone Pet Products is a family business that has gained over 20 years of experience in getting the ultimate expert in the production of items for the PET world.
The constant development of new models, the research of materials and the continuous study of innovative production methods has led the company to be the reference partner for the main companies in the Pet sector.

All items are treated in detail while maintaining high quality standards.

Carbone Pet Products has constantly invested in innovative technologies with the introduction of new plants and machinery and this has allowed to increase the number of human resources employed and obtain an industrial level production. Carbone Pet Products covers over 11,000 square meters with a production capacity of 8,000 items per day, offering a complete assortment of made in Italy products.

High quality standards, high production capacities, excellent quality/price ratio are the main features of Carbone Pet Products. The high level of specialisation and knowledge of all production aspects, together with technical creativity and continuous dialogue with customers have made it possible to offer custom assortments both in terms of shapes and colours.
The company has consolidated considerable experience in technologies both for the aspect of quality control, packaging and logistics making use of qualified personnel.

Carbone Pet products immediately married the values ​​related to ecology and respect for the environment: in 2019 it launched the Project Blu project for which they use plastic material from the oceans to make their products!




BADDOGS aims at the implementation of production transparency through the use of software that certifies production in blockchain in order to guarantee the supply chain real traceability.

We will soon be launching a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to support this ambitious project and be the first pet accessories brand to use blockchain technology for environmental sustainability and consumer awareness.

BADDOGS also supports the subversive struggles against fast fashion .

Il nostro fornitore: Tessiltoschi

Nel tempo ha dimostrato grande sensibilità per l’ambiente, conseguenza di una lunga tradizione salutista che ha caratterizzato, da sempre, la politica aziendale. A titolo di esempio vengono impiegati solo prodotti a base di acqua e, recentemente, è stato realizzato un modernissimo impianto di accoppiatura che non produce fumi né residui tossici.


La nostra produzione: Carbone Pets Products

Un’azienda a conduzione familiare che ha maturato oltre 20 anni di esperienza, specializzandosi nella produzione di articoli per il mondo del Pet. Ha da subito sposato i valori legati all’ecologia e rispetto per l’ambiente: nel 2019 ha lanciato il progetto Project Blu per cui utilizzano materiale plastico proveniente dagli oceani per realizzare i propri prodotti!


BADDOGS ha come obiettivo l'implementazione della trasparenza della produzione tramite l'impiego di software che certificano la produzione in blockchain, al fine di garantire una reale tracciabilità di filiera. 🏭

A breve lanceremo una campagna di crowdfunding su Kickstarter per sostenere questo ambizioso progetto ed essere il primo brand di accessori per animali che utilizza la tecnologia della blockchain ai fini di sostenibilità ambientale e consapevolezza del consumatore. 👷🏻‍♀️👷🏽🌿

Anche BADDOGS sostiene le lotte sovversive al fast fashion 💪🏼

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