About the founders and their doggos! 🌸

We are two single-mothers of two…DOGS– Frigo and Olivia–, pets that we handle daily by our own, completely! Indeed, we represent that kind of person that cannot live without pets. By one coincidence or another our lives have adapted to share the ordinary and the extra-ordinary time with our dogs. We're the kind of young, slightly messed-up pet owners who are always on the road, the ones you can meet having drinks with their pets and can't handle their “pet-vacations”. We are the same ones who try to take a swim in Lake of Idro, without even thinking that those fur-things would monopolise the towel, but at the same time strive to maintain a luxurious living for their pets, in a complete autonomous way. We are young women looking for ways to happily live together and share our lives,  beds, the bathrooms and any corner they can reach  with our canine shadows. Despite of the breakdowns (from time to time), our dogs are always included and welcome and we do not like  going where they are not allowed. Let’s be clear: if you invite me, you also invite my dog! This is a call for those humans with pets, who want to use their dog as a pickup weapon, hose who want to show off how cool we are with our collars and leashes, those who don't want to make living with a dog always look easy. That's why we address bad humans and bad dogs, even if we try to be polite and try to pretend that everything is ordinary.


Da un sogno alla realtà
La nostra start-up è nata con l'obiettivo di trasformare le sfide quotidiane con il cane in un potenziale supporto per gli altri dog owners.
Abbiamo fondato Baddogs su principi di responsabilità, etica e sostenibilità🌳: abbiamo a cuore la salvaguardia dell'ambiente e ci impegniamo per promuovere i valori di rispetto e di un'etica lavorativa trasparente ⚖️.
Utilizziamo solamente materiali di alta qualità provenienti dalla filiera locale toscana, in modo da valorizzare il nostro territorio e le realtà che ci circondano. 🐾💫

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